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Dr. Hans W. Hagemann

  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology (Münster and Munich, Germany)
  • Dissertation on „Information Overload“ at LMU Munich, Prof. Dr. Lutz von Rosenstiel
  • Professional experience at LINTAS:Hamburg (advertising), Procter & Gamble (marketing)
  • 1994-2007 Managing Partner at SHS Business Consultants
  • Since 2008 Founder and Managing Partner at Munich Leadership Group
  • 2011 Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor to GSVI German Silicon Valley Innovators Inc. - The Gateway for German Companies to Silicon Valley
  • Co-Author of the award-winning leadership book “The Leading Brain – Neuroscience Hacks to Work Smarter, Better, Happier” (Random House 2017)

Consultant, Coach, and Key Note Speaker:

  • Digital Transformation: Inspiring and supporting executives at transforming their companies for the digital age (Curiosity-Based Transformation)
  • Leadership development: Leaders becoming inspiring role models for fast and continuous learning
  • Highest performance: Making individuals, teams and organizations create highest outputs by combining their strengths and orchestrating their ecosystems
  • From Start-up to success: Applying psychometric tools, coaching and team development for rapid and sustainable growth
  • Neuroscience hacks: The secret weapon for leaders to outperform by making best use of their brains
  • Feedback: Paradigm shift from GIVE feedback to COLLECT feedback - but how, when, for what, and from whom?

How to become a hero

  • Train your observation skills whenever you can. The ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes is becoming increasingly important.
  • Support your employees, colleagues and superiors wherever possible. Build up strong and balanced networks within and outside your company. Always do so voluntarily in a friendly manner, without expecting any personal gain in return.
  • Be a role model in any work situation. Remember that you are always on stage.
  • Always think in a customer-oriented manner. Do everything that your internal and external customers want, and do it well, quickly and with passion. Think about what you could do to please and surprise your clients – and do it.
  • Learn to live and deal with the contradictions and uncertainties in life. Consider that many options exist, rather than seeing things in black and white. Work on becoming more flexible, more adaptable and faster.
  • Don’t hesitate to make a decision – a bad decision is almost always better than none at all.

E-mail: hagemann@munichleadership.com