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Dr. Roland Fichtel

  • University Diploma in Business Administration (Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany) – Focus strategic leadership in companies , management consultancy, revision and entrepreneuriar skills and trusteeship
  • Dissertation at the institute for strategic management consultancy and controlling at the University Klagenfurt / Austria
  • Certified Trainer by chamber of commerce
  • Ropes course trainer and expert for adventurous pedagogue
  • Many years of experience as manager of a medium sized logistic- and marketing company in the field of food and otc/pharmaceutic branch
  • Professional work experience in environmental and energy concern, beverage industry, construction and cement industry
  • Associated Partner of Munich Leadership Group

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Leadership Development, Negotiations and sale, change processes
  • Management leadership training
  • Designing and coaching of change processes
  • Initiation of teams and development
  • Train the Trainer

My message

“If you have a goal in mind it`s very important to consider carefully the road leading to it as the road teaches us best how to reach the goal and enriches us while we move along it.”
“The very moment when people decide to face a problem they notice that they are capable of so much more than they thought they were.”
(Paulo Coelho)

E-mail: fichtel@munichleadership.com