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Glyn Jones

  • Masters degree in Management Learning from the Management School, Lancaster University UK.
  • Qualified Executive Coach with a post graduate certificate in coaching
  • NLP practitioner
  • Authorised user of psychometric instruments, including Hogan, NeuroColor, MBTI®, StrengthsFinder®, Strengthscope and Margerison-McCann Linking Skills Profile.
  • Head of training and development in automotive, distribution and higher education organisations
  • Senior Consultant in an organization with the focus on change management in manufacturing companies
  • Leading own consultancy since 2002
  • Working with Munich Leadership Group since 2007

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Executive coaching
  • Working with senior teams on strategy development
  • Design and facilitation of integrated leadership development programs
  • Team development projects, including using the outdoors for impact
  • Facilitation of strategy focussed initiatives with board members of organisations
  • Leading programs with groups of international leaders and managers
  • Creation of competency structures and 360 degree feedback questionnaires

My message

  • Organizations need effective leadership to prosper. We should view leadership from the position of those being led. It is the positive impact that leaders have on those who they seek to lead that indicates their effectiveness.
  • The transition from being led to leading others is an underestimated process, as are the transitions to more senior roles that make differing demands. Leadership development means supporting individuals in making sense of the changes required of them, and of their life experience.
  • Individuals increasingly rely on their influencing skills to be effective in organizations. An understanding of their behavioral preferences enables leaders to be more flexible and successful in demonstrating the informal leadership that current organization structures require.
  • Life usually matches the positive expectations I have of it.